6 Salesforce Podcasts You Need to Hear in 2022

Is there a better way to begin the year than by finding a new podcast to listen to?

Podcasts are an easy way to keep up-to-date with everything occurring in your industry. Whether you’re working from home, taking the dog for a walk or looking for something to fill the time, podcasts can provide insightful advice and engaging experiences.

Check out these amazing podcasts we’ve highlighted as a must-listen in 2022.

1. 2 WIT Podcast

The tagline for this podcast: ‘A podcast for women in tech doing life’ with a specific focus on Salesforce. This podcast is hosted by two inspiring women in the ecosystem; Kristi Campbell and Melinda Smith.

Kristi is a 4x certified Salesforce MVP and #AwesomeAdmin, alongside hosting the podcast she also leads the Salesforce User Group – Women In Tech – in Charlotte.

Melinda is also a past MVP and Salesforce Consultant. Co-hosting not only the 2 WIT podcast but also the WITness Success Conference.

The bright, quick-witted and relatable hosts, interview some brilliant guests and have empowering conversations for any women working in the tech space.

2. Salesforce Way

This one is specifically for all of the Salesforce Developers out there! Their motto is to ‘Help YOU become a better Salesforce Developer’.

The purpose of the podcast is to keep developers learning. Whether you’re a Salesforce Developer or looking to advance your career; give this podcast a listen for access to some fantastic interviews.

They pick the brains of genuine Salesforce experts including, accomplished software architect and developer, Scott Wells and Jim Bartek the CEO of Growth Heroes.

3. Forcepreneur

Forcepreneur is a podcast about business in the ecosystem. Aiming to ‘fill the information void’ and answer your questions around how business happens within the ecosystem.

Interviewing inspiring trailblazers on their journey and how they got to where they are today as Salesforce entrepreneurs, this podcast provides insightful advice and top tips on how you can do the same. Hosted by Salesforce solopreneur, Ankit Taneja, this is definitely a must-listen for all you budding entrepreneurs.

4. Good Day, Sir!

A tech podcast with a strong focus on the Salesforce platform and ecosystem. The podcast was started by freelance software engineers Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago.

Despite an obvious focus on Salesforce, the hosts also discuss broader tech news. Whilst also sharing their own experiences with various tools and integrations. A great podcast for any Salesforce professional!

5. Mums On Cloud Nine

Mums on Cloud Nine is a podcast started by founder of Supermums, Heather Black. Supermums is a global company that aims to help mums (and dads) upskill and enter careers in Salesforce.

This podcast provides tips and advice on how to progress in your Salesforce career and overcome challenges that women face in the workplace. Each episode focuses on a different topic and highlights the amazing women working in the ecosystem. Helping to highlight relatable role models for other women looking to begin careers in Salesforce.

6. Blazing Trails

This is a Salesforce podcast hosted by Director of Salesforce Studios, Michael Rivo.

This podcast explores Salesforce values in action with insightful conversations with global leaders and icons shaping the world. With topics on everything from innovation and work, to wellbeing and equality.

And that’s a wrap on our must-listen to podcasts of 2022! If we’ve missed one, let us know in the comments below.

Enjoy listening to all these fantastic podcasts and learning more about the ever-evolving ecosystem.

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