3 Things to Look for In Your Next New Company

The interview process is a two way street. Whilst you might assume it’s primary purpose is for the company and it’s employees to decide whether you would be a good fit for the role, it is also a chance for you to learn more about the company.

During the hiring process it’s important to ask targeted questions that will allow you to determine whether this is the right company for you.

Alongside salary there are other factors that you should consider when looking for your next role. We’ve highlighted our top three below!

Growth Opportunities

One of the great things about the Salesforce ecosystem is that it is ever-evolving, there are always new features to learn about with each release and as the platform expands, new certifications and career paths to explore.

As part of our #SalesforceQA series we spoke with Stuart Mills, VP of Ecosystems (International) at Salesforce, who highlights the need to continuously learn as a way to stay ahead of the curve in the ecosystem. In fact, “lifelong learners” is one phrase Stuart uses to define a Trailblazer.

So, how does the company support its employees professional development?

Do they have any initiatives in place that will enable you to continue your career growth? Whether that be an educational fund that can be used for certification classes, or perhaps a mentorship scheme you can participate in, this is definitely a topic worth discussing in the interview.

Your Values

An aspect that a lot of people, both employers and candidates, think about in the interview process is ‘cultural fit’.

Put together a few questions that reflect your values and what you would expect of the company, to ask throughout the interview. Whilst you may be able to find information on how the company promotes their values outside the organisation, the interview is an excellent time to find out more about the company’s internal processes and how they reflect their values.

Working for a company that reflects your values will help to increase your motivation and productivity.

Working Environment

Since the pandemic there has been a sizeable shift in not only the way we work, but also our priorities.

A key thing to consider during the hiring process is whether the company you are interviewing for has moved with the times and have created a working environment that reinforces this shift in priorities.

Does the company offer flexible working opportunities?
Are you able to work remotely part of full time?
How does the company promote a healthy work-life balance?

Thinking about these three things when searching for your next role will help you to find a company that vales you; your professional development, your values and your work-life balance, during the interview process.

If you are looking for your next Salesforce role, get in touch today to hear about the exciting opportunities we are working on!

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