12 Lessons Learned as a Salesforce MVP

In this article, Geraldine Gray shares what she has learned from 12 years as a Salesforce MVP.

In 2010, I was inducted to the Salesforce MVP Program in their second cohort of MVP nominations and recognized as one of their ‘Most Valued Professionals’ in the global Salesforce community.

It’s an honor and a blast to be an MVP. To celebrate 12 years at the top (Yes, there are only 11 years since 2010, but one year we were nominated twice), here are the 12 most important things (in no particular order) I have learned during this time.

Dreamforce is more than an event

Dreamforce is a fantastic place to meet people in real life and turn virtual acquaintances into real-life friends. Long may it continue when the normal life resumes.

It’s a team effort

Your fellow MVPs are an incredible group of talented and knowledgeable professionals. When you are looking for your next kick-ass hire or partner, you are all set (hello Will Nourse!)

Salesforce attracts top talent

Every single year, you will be impressed by the quality of the new cohort and their accomplishments, and you’ll feel blown away by the talent that Salesforce attracts.

Gaining ground in diversity

There will always be more work to do on diversity. Even though we have gained a lot of ground, there is more to be done until every single person feels 100% represented in the MVP program.

The community is for all

Contribution to the community comes in many packages. There is no hierarchy; it’s all valuable. User group leaders, serial question answers, Salesforce bloggers, mentors, RAD leaders — you all play your role.

Being an MVP means something

While many clients or employers will not state that they are actively looking for a Salesforce MVP, this is one badge of honor that will make you stand far out bean sprout from peers.

MVPs help shape the Salesforce Platform

MVPs genuinely contribute to the direction of Salesforce through their feedback. Salesforce hears you, and the MVPs are essential in shaping the future of the platform.

Opportunities as an MVP are unique and rewarding

You will get asked to do some incredible things — appear in YouTube videos talking about Apps, lead sessions at worldwide events, deliver training. It will be career-enhancing, but far more than that, it will be personally rewarding and super fun.

Giving back is part of the Salesforce culture

You will deepen your commitment to giving back. It’s so entrenched in the Salesforce culture that you will find your instinct to give back to those around you will become a reflex.

Knowledge is passed down

Existing MVPs will share a lot of knowledge by mentoring the next generation, but if they are open to it, they can learn a huge amount from their mentees. Sometimes we’ll even hire mentees to help them get a foot in the Salesforce door.

A.B.C. (Always be training)

Getting access to the training and certifications for free never gets old!

Salesforce is truly unique

There is no other professional community like the Salesforce one. It’s truly unique.

Did I miss anything? Let me know!

source: https://medium.com/inside-the-salesforce-ecosystem/12-things-ive-learned-in-12-years-of-being-an-mvp-3cb2e0f80018

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