10 Top Tips for Your CTA Exam Strategy

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) exam is the highest certification and ultimate test of all the Salesforce credentials. CTAs are regarded as the absolute elite amongst Salesforce professionals, who have not only mastered the knowledge but possess excellent consulting and communication skills.

Here are 10 simple yet powerful top tips to help you master your exam strategy and become a Salesforce CTA in 2022!


Repeat: do not change your strategy. During your preparation, you will have come up with a strategy on how to solve, present and defend. Changing that on the day of the exam is a recipe for failure – guaranteed.

2. Keep Cool

Managing your stress is half the battle. Remember this is a high stress environment, so be confident in your preparation (refer back to ‘Study Strategy’).

3. Read and Solve Fast

The scenario is long and the time is short. You need to be able to read fast while solving the requirements on the fly.

4. Solve for the Scenario

Often candidates come up with requirements that are not included in the scenario. Where did these mysterious requirements come from?! Make sure you address each requirement in the scenario given to you.

5. Tell a Story

Your solution should be structured in a way that makes it easy for the judges to follow you, after all, they are busy taking notes and you don’t want to give them a hard time following your narrative.

6. Be Clear in your Communication

This applies to drawing your diagrams, presenting and answering questions. Do not use buzzwords that you can not explain – you will get caught out for it during the Q&A.

7. Accept Mistakes, Correct Yourself and Move On

Your solution will contain mistakes. Those mistakes you will figure out by yourself while presenting or during the Q&A. Now it is important to follow #2 – keep cool! Assess the impact of your mistake, and correct yourself.

8. Not Knowing is Ok

Here’s a secret, it’s ok for you to say “I don’t know”, or “I can’t remember”, as long as it’s not your go-to answer (don’t make a habit of falling back on this answer).

9. Be Concise

The Q&A is (only) 40 minutes – which can feel like a lifetime, but that doesn’t mean you should talk forever.

Your answers should be CC – correct and concise – leaving the judges with more time to ask questions, and in turn, get you a better score.

10. Answer the Question!

Candidates often end up answering a different question than the one the judges actually asked. This happens due to stress, or when you are not actively listening.

Avoid this by being present, and listen carefully and second by repeating and/or confirming the questions (also gives you more time to think).

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source: https://www.salesforceben.com/certified-technical-architect-certification-guide-tips/

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